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Product Overview

Each Ultro Aquarium is a beautiful contemporary living art form. Handcrafted in Germany using only the highest quality materials, by our skilled craftsmen who have over 25 years of experience in manufacturing luxury designer aquariums.


We only use EurowhiteTM glass which is considered the ultimate choice for optical clarity. Edges are intricately mitred to provide the ultimate finishing touch to the overall aesthetic.


The sub frame is constructed from high quality German anodized aluminum, engineered for both strength and longevity.


Exterior panels and doors are constructed from a composite waterproof polymer to provide a durable, yet elegant and modern finish.

Water Quality

We offer a range of carefully hand selected life support systems to ensure the very best water quality for fish and plants.


All Ultrō Aquariums can be fitted with a 3D Back to Nature dramatic background, which not only adds a further dimension to the aquarium but also conveniently cover the weir box.

Design and Manufacturing

German engineering, world class aquariums.

The finest materials and meticulous attention to detail come together in our German factory, where the aquariums are designed and hand-built by our small team of highly skilled engineers. We use the best quality glass that is smoothed and polished to give it it’s crystalline appearance. The body of the aquarium is painted using a two component lacquer, and applied by hand using state-of-the-art equipment. The handle free aquarium doors use a “TipOn” closing mechanism to ensure clean lines and a perfect finish.

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too Akil Gordon-Beckford, ViDERE Aquariums

Custom Builds

The same incredible quality, designed to suit you…

At CASCO Pet we are experienced in building aquariums in any style, to suit any space. We have worked with private clients and multi-national corporations alike; from celebrated artist Damien Hirst, to Vauxhall Motors. We are now working in partnership with the bespoke aquarium designer Akil Gordon-Beckford to achieve incredible custom built aquariums, that encapsulate our focus on quality, beauty, and precision. We use the same cutting edge materials that we are known for in our custom builds, and deliver breathtaking results with every project. With Akil Gordon-Beckford as your designer and personal project manager, we can deliver the ultimate in creativity and flexibility, to create an underwater environment like no other.

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