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The Ultrō Aquarium range is available in four carefully considered sizes; Parvus, Medius, Magnum, and Magnus. However, choosing the right size is about more than just the measurements. Large aquariums are likely to require more maintenance than smaller ones, depending on your plants and fish, but a smaller aquarium has less capacity to hold a variety of flora and fauna.

Marine or Freshwater?

Freshwater aquariums are the easier of the two, and can be home to a wide variety of fish and plants. They can be beautifully aquascaped, and there are many different styles and themes possible. A marine aquarium on the other hand, is difficult to maintain, but provides a challenge to the experience aquarist. Mesmerising undersea environments can be created using live rock and coral, with usual marine fish.


We offer canister or sump filtration options. Canister filtration is an all-in-one system which allows you to just plug and play and it will combine everything that’s needed in one, so no need for an additional pump or filtration system. A sump offers a more robust professional filtration system. It offers the ability effectively customised sump to your own requirements by adding different pumps, filter media and to have a marine set up if desired.


Our range of top quality back-to-nature backgrounds are professionally fitted by our experts, and provide a stunning backdrop for your fish that can also enhance your interior décor. When selecting a background consider the type of fish and plants you wish to have, and also how the colour and texture of the background will coordinate with your space.


Aquascaping your aquarium

5 expert tips for aquascaping your aquarium

  1. Make it achievable. Choose your style of aquascaping carefully, make sure that it is suitable for the level of experience that you have. Get advice from an aquatic specialist to choose fish that are appropriate for your chosen aquascape.
  2. Be inspired by nature. Avoid symmetry when aquascaping, and use the rule of three instead to divide your aquarium into sections, making sure that your elements are positioned in natural flowing shapes. You want your aquascape to look as though it has been formed slowly over time. Our back-to-nature backgrounds create an instantly authentic underwater environment, reducing the need for heavy planting. Aim for natural proportioning, for example using large gravel in a small aquarium will look out of place; a sand-like substrate would be a better choice.
  3. Choose quality. Select your suppliers of materials and plants carefully. Choosing top quality elements will look the most natural, and healthy plants will grow best in the right conditions. One of our recommended suppliers, Tropica, has an excellent range that is widely available.
  4. Start with simplicity. Don’t overfill your aquarium with flora and fauna. To create a balanced ecosystem takes time and planning, and fish need to be introduced gradually and carefully. However, bear in mind that a very minimalist aquascape can encourage more algae growth.
  5. Consider maintenance. Seek expert advice on the care of your plants and fish, and ensure that the style of aquascape you choose suits the time that you have available to maintain it.

Balance your aquarium

How to maintain balance in your aquarium

Maintaining a constant balance of chemicals and bacteria in your aquarium is essential, but can be difficult. Having fluctuating water quality and temperature can be dangerous for fish and plant health.

It is fundamental that before you introduce any fish that you ensure the water is healthy enough for them to survive. We recommend placing a CASCO Pure Mega Ball into your aquarium or directly into your biological filter, to release beneficial bacteria to help improve the water quality.

We recommend not to introduce any fish to the aquarium for at least two weeks after set-up. Before introducing your fish it is advisable to get a test kit, to make sure that your ammonia, pH, nitrite, and nitrate levels are safe. Introduce your fish slowly. Different fish have different needs, so we recommend seeking specific advice if you are unsure.

Don’t forget to do water changes and filter care on a regular basis, and make any adjustments to your maintenance schedule gradually. This will help to ensure that there are no sudden changes in water quality, which can shock your fish.

The natural eco-system of your aquarium will have varying levels of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH; and it is important to monitor and address the levels to make sure they are in the parameters so your fish can stay healthy. Different fish and plants thrive at slightly varying levels, so we recommend seeking advice specific to your fish from an aquatic specialist or reputable pet store.

Helpful documents

We have put together a selection of guides to help you understand the different options that we offer, and how you can make the most of your Ultrō Aquarium.

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