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Your aquarium should be placed on stable level flooring that can bear the weight of your chosen aquarium. Ensure that it is kept away from direct sunlight, or heat sources such as radiators.

On a weekly basis, clean algae from the glass using an algae scrubber or an algae magnet. When you perform a water change you should use a gravel siphon to clean the gravel, which removes trapped dirt, waste, and debris. Use the vacuum to dig into the substrate, slowly moving it to siphon waste and uneaten food. If you have live plants, avoid siphoning any substrate within two inches of their roots, as this could remove vital nutrients.

Depending on your filtration, you should replace or clean your filter media every three to four weeks. Never empty and clean out your tank or filter completely, this will destroy colonies of essential bacteria that keep your aquarium in balance.

For healthy water we recommend using CASCO Pure as part of your regular maintenance. CASCO PURE is a bacterial treatment that neutralizes organic waste, and maintains clear and healthy water. You can purchase it here.

Alongside using CASCO Pure you will need to perform regular water changes. How much you should change and how often depends on the size of your aquarium, and how heavily it is stocked with fish and live plants. Generally, it is best to change 10-20% once a week, replacing it with de-chlorinated water. It is essential to regularly test your water for the vital parameters: pH, carbonate hardness, nitrite, and ammonia.

For expert advice on maintaining water quality, we we recommend visiting a reputable pet store or aquatic specialist.

Canister filters remove water from the aquarium, and pass it through specialist filter media in a pressurized canister. The filter then pumps the water back into the aquarium. With regular maintenance canister filters can prove to be highly efficient, as they can contain a large amount of filter media. We supply the Hydor Professional filter, as it’s easy to use and its intelligent design makes the most of the space below your aquarium. It is known for its high quality and silent performance. Click here for further specifications.

A sump continually pumps the water in your aquarium through chambers of biological and mechanical filtration. As they are not as compact as a canister filter, they can contain considerably more filter media, and so are more suitable for larger tanks. They are also compatible with additional options such as heaters and CO2 diffusers. They can also house a protein skimmer, so are a necessity for a marine tank. We supply our own CASCO Pet sump filtration, which is handmade by our experts using 8mm glass. Click here for further specifications.

Filter maintenance is essential to keep your filter working effectively.

To clean your canister filter:

  • Regularly clean mechanical media like sponges and filter wool. Only clean or replace half of the sponges or filter wool at any time.
  • Only use old tank water (from your water change) to clean sponges and filter wool – this preserves the beneficial bacteria that lives in the sponges/filter wool.
  • If using chemical media like carbon pads or nitrite and phosphate removers, these will need regular replacement as well.
  • Biological media needs to be cleaned also, again wash only in old tank water to preserve the beneficial bacteria. If you need to replace the biological media, only do part of it at a time to maintain bacteria levels.
  • It is a good idea to check and clean the impellor at the same time.

To clean your sump filter:

  • Follow the same procedure above to clean mechanical, chemical and biological media contained in your sump.
  • Remember to clean out the filter sock in your sump as well on a regular basis. This can be cleaned in regular tap water.
  • If you have a protein skimmer, remember to empty it regularly and clean the collection cup and neck of the skimmer thoroughly to keep it working effectively.

We would recommend visiting a specialist aquascaping site, such as one of our preferred suppliers, Tropica, for expert advice. You will find inspiration, video guides and layouts to aquascape your aquarium. With designs suitable for beginners to seasoned aquascapers, this is a great resource to create a stunning natural environment for your fish.

Of course, although it is important to realise that artificial plants and decor require regular cleaning and maintenance. We advise only purchasing from a reputable pet store. Materials that are not specially designed and treated can release harmful chemicals into your water. Sharp edges, concrete, copper and painted plastics should not be placed in your aquarium.

Firstly, make sure that the water in your aquarium is prepared. Keep an eye on the temperature; tropical fish should be kept at 72F-80F. We recommend seeking advice specific to your fish for your optimum water temperature. Place a thermometer in your aquarium to ensure that the temperature remains constant. We recommend not to introduce any fish to the aquarium for at least two weeks after set-up.

The natural eco-system of your aquarium will have varying levels of Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, and pH; and it is important to monitor and address the levels to make sure they are in the parameters so your fish can stay healthy. Different fish thrive at slightly varying levels, so we recommend seeking advice specific to your fish.

Once your aquarium is fully prepared you are ready to start introducing your fish. It is essential to do this very slowly. Add no more than 2-4 fish to start with and feed sparingly for the first few days. Keep checking your water parameters, if they are remaining constant you can add a few more fish after a week, and continue to add gradually. Ensure that you do not overstock your aquarium; the total amount of fish you can keep will depend on the species.

For expert advice on fishkeeping, we we recommend visiting a reputable pet store or aquatic specialist.

Yes, we chose Waltron Daytime Matrix lighting as it is a fully customizable light spectrum. It’s a unique feature that allows you to combine different modules with different spectrums to build you own lightbar. There are seven differed Matric LED Modules available from the colour Warm While to Royal Blue. You can add modules with different colours to the same lightbar to create a unique effect in your aquarium. Click here for full specifications.

No, we do not provide any livestock or plants. We recommend visiting a supplier of high quality plants that are suitable for your Ultrō Aquarium. Tropica, one of our preferred suppliers, is a highly reputable brand supplying high quality aquatic plants. Make sure to purchase fish from a creditable pet store, who can give advice on the best type of fish to suit your experience and lifestyle.

Your Ultrō Aquarium guarantee period is three consecutive years from the date of purchase. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.

No, we do not currently offer finance.

We offer three delivery options.

Option 1 – Silver Service Delivery

Two CASCO engineers will deliver, install, and complete a full dry set-up of your aquarium. We will remove and dispose of all packaging.
Cost: £2,000

Option 2 – Premium Delivery

We will deliver your aquarium, unload it, and place in your desired location. We will remove and dispose of all packaging.
Cost: £800

Option 3 – Standard Delivery

We will deliver your aquarium to the door on a pallet courier. Customer is responsible for moving the aquarium into position and for the removal and disposal of all packaging.
Cost: £150

Please note that these are for mainland England, Scotland and Wales. We offer a UK Island surcharge at an additional £1,000. For more information see out Terms and Conditions.

As every Ultro Aquarium is hand-built in Germany, please allow up to four weeks for delivery. Once purchased we will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery date and time. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.

If your aquarium is one of our four sizes (Parvus, Medius, Magnum, or Magnus), you are entitled to a full refund, if requested within 14 days of purchase. If your aquarium has been custom made to your dimensions we are unable to offer a refund, unless the product has been found to be faulty. For full details please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

If you require assistance with water quality problems, aquascaping, or fish care, we recommend visiting a reputable pet store or aquatic specialist.

Should a problem arise with your aquarium hardware or any optional extras originally supplied with your aquarium, you can report it to our helpdesk team immediately. Email support@ultroaquariums.com, phone +441403248244, or use our Live Chat. If your issue is covered by our three-year warranty, we will send a specialist CASCO engineer to repair your aquarium free of charge. If your aquarium is outside of its warranty we can send an CASCO engineer at a standard hourly rate plus callout fee. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.

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