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A hand-crafted, mesmerising living art form

At CASCO Pet we know how to bring the outside, in. Ultrō Aquariums are the most beautiful and opulent way to bring your interior to life; made to showcase stunning fish and aquascaped environments. We have worked with interior designers and stylists alongside our own experts, to ensure our range encapsulates contemporary style, whilst retaining a timeless feel. They effortlessly assume their place as the focal point of any room and provide an impressive home for fish and aquatic animals. We even offer a stunning range of 3D back to nature backgrounds, which are professionally fitted into your aquarium. These backgrounds provide a dramatic natural backdrop for your fish, instantly transforming your aquarium into a captivating underwater environment. Ultrō Aquariums are designed to a standard that is second-to-none, and hand built by our master craftsmen in our factory in Germany, using only the finest materials.

We have created Ultrō Aquariums in a range of options to optimise flexibility and choice. If desired however, we can also build an aquarium of the same exceptional quality to any specification – the only limit is your imagination.

Customer Care & Quality Guarantee

At CASCO Pet we pride ourselves on first class customer service and quality products.

Ultrō Aquariums are built to last. Constructed with only the highest quality materials, the Ultrō range is designed to be as durable as it is beautiful. Your aquarium is hand-built in our German workshop by our master craftsmen, who have over 25 years of experience in manufacturing luxury designer aquariums. Each glass panel is carefully selected for optimum optical quality, and mitred by hand to ensure perfection at every angle of your aquarium. We care about making products that exceed expectations from design through to creation. That’s why every aquarium comes with a 3 year guarantee, for your peace of mind.


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